Standardized Mass Cytometry Experiments

We perform standardized Mass Cytometry experiments on customer provided samples using validated panels of metal-coupled antibodies.

Experiments We Perform

  • Comprehensive phenotyping of mouse/human cells using one of the panels found here.
  • Phenotyping + intracellular cytokine staining (ICS) upon stimulation with PMA + Ionomycin using a phenotyping panel with an ICS extension panel.
  • Phenotyping + intracellular signaling analysis after stimulation with cytokines in vitro using a phenotyping + intracellular signaling extension panel.
  • Unique barcoding of samples is done such that the samples can be combined, subsequently stained and acquired as one multiplexed sample, followed by software debarcoding and individual sample analysis. This improves data quality as it eliminates sample-specific staining and data collection variation

Apply for a Mass Cytometry Service Project

Researchers from all over Sweden with an interest in understanding the cellular frequencies and functional states in their own samples of interest, are kindly invited to apply for a Mass cytometry service project using our web application form. Please see the introduction here or enter from the Project Portal.